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Help for Small Business Start Ups

WUKsite is excited to have formed a solid business partnership with Footprint Coaching, offering Startup Web Design (link to contact page) for entrepreneurs and small business start ups.
Footprint Coaching is run by the very inspirational Kirsty and will help you realise your dream to get a new business idea off the ground. WUKsite will help you show case your new venture with a quality FREE Startup Business Website Design*.
As we emerge from a very strange period, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, more people than ever will be looking at how to Start a Business During the Lockdown and afterwards.
Thats where Footprint will coach you one on one (Skype/Zoom) and WUKsite will get you professionally set up with a Startup Web Design that gets FOUND on Google with our top flight SEO packagers for Startup Businesses. You couldn’t wish for a better helping hand.
Call now on: 01524 544 744 or London: 0208 234 6866
WUKsite will help you:

  • Create a memorable Domain Name
  • Help with Hosting and Email Set Up
  • Create Three Page Starter Website (FREE)
  • Help you set up Social Media
  • Get your website FOUND on Google searches
  • Support and Development
Footprint will help you: 

  • Formulate your Ideas
  • Help you realise your Vision
  • Show you routes to Success
  • Help you Plan
  • Identify Competition
  • Understand how to Market your business effectively

About WUKsite

WUKsite is the small business arm of WUKmedia, ranking in the top 20 web agencies in the UK on freeindex. After years of delivering highly successful  large company and small business websites all over the UK we decided we could help focus on small businesses and startups to make use of our expertise.
A WUKsite is perfect if you are just setting up in business. It will look slick and present you as a serious entity. Our SEO uses a targeted approach and we have packages starting as low as £50 a month with no contract*! Along with Footprint start up business coaching you couldn’t wish for better stepping stones to success.
*You only have to commit to the first three months, and then you can cancel with 4 weeks notice within the next month.

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We are very excited to be working with Kirsty from Footprint as we believe we match in passion about business. Our combined skill sets will help you with a smooth transition from your ideas to formulate concrete real world plans and get your message out there online.

We love chatting websiteses and how to get them well listed on Google to serve either your local potential customer base or if you are looking larger a national campaign.

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About Footprint Coaching

The inspiration behind Footprint Coaching is Kirsty, an experienced business owner and coach with a passion for working with those who want to be their own boss.
Kirsty has run her own specialist recruitment consultancy for the past 17 years and during that time has coached many people around starting, launching and growing their own businesses.
She is inspirational to work with and will be as passionate about your business as you are.
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Accreditations, Partners and Sponsorship

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Startup Business Web Design

If you have a new business idea or are looking to finally start your own business in something you already work in then one of our FREE Startup Business Web Design Packages could be for you!  Starting from as little as £50 per month (Your web design is FREE, you only pay for the marketing/SEO) you could be making waves much faster than you ever imagined.
Using our partner Footprint Startup Business Coaching, this offer will genuinely help you understand how to get a business off the ground with very low initial investment. Our FREE startup business websites are for any industry, so from plumbers to tech entrepreneurs, as we are also Experts at Small Business SEO.

We are not offering FREE startup websites as a catch*!

If you think nothing in life is FREE you’d be absolutely right. In normal circumstances we would bot be offering FREE Business websites. However due to the COVID-19 outbreak we got to thinking.
To help people try to get off the ground with a new business we could offer a generic, very cutting edge looking FREE Business Website. This would only be given out if you take one of our Small Business SEO Packages which we thinks fair enough.The SEO Packages start from only £50 + VAT per month!
You also have the opportunity to get very helpful and Expert Startup Business Coaching with our strategic partner Footprint Coaching. You will then get a 6 week Startup Business Coaching Course for as little as £750.
Bearing in mind your ROI (Return on Investment) should be double , treble or even more once you are up and running. To help put this into perspective even with our first tear marketing package you will initially be investing (from the outset) around £800…! As a business owner you should be looking at making a decent living of at least 2 to 3K per month. It’s not rocket science.
In normal times we would charge at least £500 for a website and SEO packages would start from at least £150 per month. So this is a genuine offer to help with you new business website, the all important SEO and get a helping hand that would potentially cost you thousands in wrong moves otherwise.
So no…nothing comes for free. But it can come with genuine help at a very low cost especially designed to help you get your new business idea off the ground. Another reason we are offering FREE business websites, low cost SEO and affordable business coaching is to show you how well we can get your new business off the ground.
Therefore once you are up and running we know you will want to develop your Web Design and SEO Packages further. It simply created TRUST.
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